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Drawing workshop

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Sketch portrait

Draw your self portrait

A short drawing workshop in the studio with the artist Alessandra Pagliuca, to learn how to make a quick portrait in pencil sketch style.

Discover your creative side by working with the artist on your self-portrait, or a portrait of a loved one. You will be guided in the creation of a pencil sketch, starting from a ready-made outline (which the teacher will have prepared for you in advance) and learning to create chiaroscuro with the hatching technique.
A two-hour workshop directly in the studio and supported by the artist, in the center of Camaiore, immersed in art, canvases and colors.

Choose the subject to portray

It'll be sufficient to send the photo you want to portray to the teacher a few days in advance.

Materials included

The materials for the workshop, which include paper, pencils and accessories, will be provided directly by the teacher.

Face to face with the artist

The sketch portrait workshop is an experience dedicated to you, and you can book the service individually, or by sharing the experience with someone of your choice.

It'll be a completely private meeting, behind closed doors.
It's possible to make reservations for up to 3 people.

Price and duration

The cost of the service is as follows:
1 person - € 85
2 people - € 150
3 people - € 195
* Materials included
The workshop lasts two hours.


Alessandra Pagliuca | Visual Artist

Via Vittorio Emanuele 239

Camaiore (LU)

Tel: +39 3519943808

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